About us

Finzeo Capital endows individuals and families to become more globally mobile. It is a one stop advisory boutique for basic human services like Healthcare, Education, freedom of movement, Business expansion services and etc.

This is accomplished through a bespoke service know-how, which streamlines complexity and is supported and continued by long-term relationships. As an international partnered seasoned advisory firm specializing in E-visa, International Package Tours, Skill immigration, RCBI, TRP, Business expansion in the export market, Medical Tourism in India, Turkey, Thailand and Singapore Finzeo plays a critical role in empowering our valued clients to meet their goals efficiently, effectively and responsibly.

We have an affiliation with the international, industry-leading, award-winning Financial & legal advisory firms around the globe specializing in the aforementioned services.

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International Advisory Team
Medical Advisory Team
Managing Consultant & COO
Chief Advisor, Higher Education